Monday, January 26, 2009

Hooray! Finally Finished BMC

Let me start with this border picture of the edge of the BMC. I can't believe that I finally had enough thread to finish it. Wow, is all I can say when I think of each stitch in this baby and each one is a hug and kiss to my friend Donna. She waited patiently for me to get it done. I did not complete the last round as stated in the pattern since it would of used up even more thread.

Here is the photo of it as it lay on the bed all spread out in it's glory. I used an "F" hook and the pattern came from Annie's Attic as one of her Free patterns of the day. It called for #10 thread and a smaller hook, but I used #3 and a larger hook. The thread colors were Sage Green, Lime Green and White in Aunt Lydia's thread. It is packaged up and ready to be delivered to the post office.

My final show for today is a bib I made to go with the dress I made for Baby Scarlet. The pattern was found at Crochet Central Baby Bib. I used Peaches n Cream cotton in Rose Medium and the border was an off white. Oh, and a "G" hook.

That is all I have today but it feels good to have these done. I am still on a fishing excursion but getting close to my limit of catches.


Sandie said...

Oh my goodness. Donna will just be thrilled when she gets this. It's beautiful. I can't imagine having the patience. Wonderful job!

Scarlet said...

I agree with Sandie. Now it makes me wanna finish the one that I have started. Lucky Donna for sure.

Look at that cute bib. I wish I was home crocheting and spending time with you. I guess I need to work to buy my yarn. HAHAHA. Love you sis and you must be so relieved to have these projects finished. Especially the BMC.

June said...

Oh, wow, your work is so beautiful and impressive! You are really getting so much finished up lately, and it is all so wonderful! Must be the snow keeping you inside?

Cherri said...

Oh my, Ghost, that's gorgeous!! What a spectacular work of art! I love the bib, too! You certainly are very talented!
Hugs, Cherri

Therese said...

What a beautiful project it is gorgeous. Donna will love it. I love the colors in it also.
The bib as well is very nice also.
great job

Wendy said...

Great Job as usual ...I just love the BMC....and the bib is too cute...

Bunny said...

WOW Ghost! You are amazing. This is really stunning. Donna is going to love it for sure.
The bib is so cute.