Sunday, February 22, 2009

Busy Weekend

This weekend Sis and I spent the weekend in Assembly with all the brothers and sisters from several Kingdom Halls. This is a photo of all the ladies we traveled with. I am taking the picture of course but you all know that you can't capture a Ghost on film.

I did finish up Scarlet's Cape and her hat to match. Here she is posing as the phantom of the opera wearing her cape. She is just too cute and way toooooo funny.

We also made square number 81 and sis really likes it. And I think we may have a slight change in plans as now we are both dying to make a Dr. Who Scarf. YOu can blame that one on our friend June. LOL! It is so easy to sway the mind of a crocheter.


Bunny said...

Great pic of the ladies! Scarlet looks fabulous in her cape and hat. Beautiful job on the squares.

June said...

Sorry to be a disruptive influence! Did I mention that I crocheted a Dr Who scarf also? I've tried to get my son to find it, but it is hiding. The other 2 I gave away! Good luck! (Did you find the color sequence on the internet?) There is a group on Ravelry now. Your photos are great, btw!

Sandie said...

Ohhh heading to Ravelry to check out that Who group... Thanks, June.