Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Crochet Frenzy

Today is another day filled with crochet and flying hooks. I feel like I am getting so much done. I have been told to slow down that I am making people dizzy. But I know in my heart that there will be days when I am totally idle. So, on with the stats. This lovely scarf is made with Baby Clouds again, my daughter loves the feel of this yarn, so there is another hat in the making for her using a yarn that is very similar. The color is Honey Multi, not a very appealing name for such a beautiful yarn. I used an "N" hook and the v-stitch pattern on 36 stitches. I like the width of this one a lot better. This one is going to Compassionate Creations.

I finished these before I finished the scarf above. The hat that is laying down is not completed. It is for sis and I have to wait till I get there to finish it as I want to trim it in the same yarn she used for her poncho. It was made using a "K" hook and the same Durango pattern I used with the pink hat. Of course I made the same adjustments to the pattern. They do look a bit different as the yarn weight is different.

The second one is worn by Mazie, (name changed, because she was not happy with Thelma) and it is for Alicia to go with her poncho. All the same stats apply to this one except that it is complete and the yarn is the Red Heart Monet and Purple. I added a flower instead of a button. Alicia selected the cameo button in the center of the flower.

Now, I am off to start that second hat for Alicia. And I will work on my poncho tomorrow and Scarlet's Wheelchair Cape. I think I might make it. I feel like a driven woman. Somethings got a hold of me and I like it.


Scarlet said...

I love that hat sis. I can't wait to wear mine. I also love the scarf. It is a pretty color worked up. It did not look that appealing in the bag.

I love that you are so busy, busy hands make happy hooks.


Bunny said...

You go girl! I love seeing everything you do.