Friday, February 20, 2009

Feb. 19, 2009 California

Today we started out by me finishing Scarlet's Monet hat and then making a pom pom for it using the new tool sis had purchased for that purpose. They came out nice and are easy to use. They are made by Clover and come in several different sizes.

After that we started on learning to knit. Here it is the end of the day and I still don't have a washcloth completed yet. I need to do 8 more rounds. It sure is slow going. Sis did not start her cloth yet but is practicing with the knit and purl stitches. And doing real well I must say. So that is about it for today.

Tomorrow we hope to move on to something else we want to learn but not sure what yet. I want to make another pom pom and we may work with the make a bow tool sis has.

I did spend part of the day setting up and getting my stuff organized. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.


Bunny said...

Good luck with the knitting. I find it very slow going. I knit when I feel the need to relax because it is slow going. Sometimes it puts me to sleep. lol

Sandie said...

So glad you made it to Scarlet's safely. I know the two of you will have a wonderful visit! I can cast on in knitting and do a bit of knit stitch, but if I flub it, that's the end of the project cos I can't fix it. I would need to do as you're doing - practice with a friend.