Monday, February 16, 2009

I Have A Cape

My sister has created a song to go with her new cape that I just finished. This is the same as the Wheelchair Shawl, but it is longer, more of a cape length. Here is a photo of it I took last night when I finished it. I hope to get a better one with sis wearing it after I get there and will post at that time.

I didn't add more rows to make it longer. It is longer because of my hook size, an "L", and the yarn weight, which was Lionbrand Painterly Series of Homespun in Autumn and also Olive. I really love how this yarn feels. I know many people have a problem working with it. We are all so different in our abilities. I have problems other places, like I can't work with wool. I found it make my skin itch badly. So everyone is different. Anyway back to the cape, I did add the flower to this one also but it does not show up well in this photo. There are also 2 leaves attached, one dangling and one directly from the rose. The original pattern says it is 18" down the center back peak, but mine is 27" down the same area. I also wanted to mention the amounts of yarn I used I used 3 skeins of the Autumn and 1 skein of the Olive. These skeins were 6oz. skeins.

I know sis is excited to receive this cape, so excited that she created a song about it. Had to laugh last night as she was singing under her breath, "I have a cape". She has her clasp all selected already. First it was going to be a barrel type wooded button but then she found this two button clasps that will go so nicely. No sewing to put it on. I am sure a picture would be worth a thousand words and I will show you that too after I get there.

So now today I will finish working on the trim on my traveling poncho. I will be glad to get that done. Then it will be my hat if I have time. If not I have my button hat I can wear. I am getting so excited.


Cherri said...

Very pretty, Ghost. I bet you're so excited about going. I really hope you have a wonderful time.
Hugs, Cherri

sissie said...

I love the homespun also. I made a sweater out of it a couple of years back and let me tell you it will grow:))
I had to make it a 3X and so that made it a little heaver anyway.
hope she will be happy with it and you enjoy your trip!