Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Froggy Blanket

Things go very slowly with this blanket for some reason I have frogged again and again. Most due to count now. Therefore I am giving it a new name. It is now called the Froggy blanket.

I am using a "G" hook and Simply Soft yarn so even though my row count is adding up it does not seem like I have gotten much done. Oh, and lets not blame any of that on the fact that I have Frogged myself to death. It is such an easy pattern too. But every other row I have to count out and use stitch markers to make sure I get it right. That means a lot of counting which takes up a lot of time. I will work on this again today and then I think I need to take a break from it. Hopefully, it will do me some good to set it aside for a while. The first photo was eight rows done, this one is only 23. So I have not made a lot of progress.

I seem to always do this to myself. I need to quit trying new patterns. And I was thinking that next year I was going to only work patterns from my magazines and pattern books. I may have to think on that a while longer.

That's it for today. Ghost, OUT!


Scarlet@kfu.com said...

You just have not hit your groove yet with this pattern. Once you do I am sure that you will whip right through it.
You're a very determined woman so I know that you'll get it finished and I KNOW it will be beautiful.



Wendy said...

I so know what you mean about new patterns, I always these days have trouble working something new...can not concentrate enough....
The blanket is going to be beautiful....take a break and it will be better when you pick it up again....

Bunny said...

You make me laugh Ghost. I know frogging is not fun or funny but, I do the same thing with new patterns. I get tired of counting and don't count for a few rows and sure enough I'm off. It never fails. It's going to look really nice when you're done though. The color is very pretty and the cables are showing up nicely.