Sunday, March 29, 2009

Quiet But Busy

Hi, I am getting complaints that I have not posted a new blog in so long. Well, I have not fallen off the edge of the earth, I did not take a trip to outer space. I am still here and keeping my hooks and needles busy. I did have a couple of days when my spirits dropped below normal level but I have come out of that depression and moved on. So this is what I have been up too, I wanted to wait to make a new post until I finished the squares I am working on but thought it was getting to be too long since I posted. You know what they say it is easy to fall out of a habit and then hard to get back into it. I don't want that to happen here.

Well, this is the Mile A Minute Scarf that I have been working on for Compassionate Creations this month. I used Bernat Denimstyle yarn in Faded Khaki and a "K" hook. It was a pretty fast project once I got into finishing it and could be done in one evening of TV watching. Sis gave me this yarn as gift while I was there and I could not wait to give it a try. It is a nice yarn and I would say it is a lightweight bulky yarn. It is a 4, medium weight.

Next off my hooks is the Baby Blanket that started out with a different pattern. Boy I can't believe the history of this blanket but here is a close up of the edging and one of the squares completed.

I used a pattern from Leisure Arts Leaflet 64 called Baby Afghans to Knit and Crochet. It is the Buttercup Square Blanket and I used an "I" hook and Caron Simply Soft Brights in Rose Violet and White. I had to frog on this one too on the border since I ran out of the color I was using and could not purchase any more. None of the stores around me carried this color. So I changed the final round from Rose Violet to White. But it is finished and will be going to the OB Unit for Crafting for a Cause group. I did not think I would finish this one in time. But as you can see it is just in time for delivery by the Easter Bunny and he even left some of his eggs laying around.

Now, today I will finish up the Squares I promised to Stitches of Love and then perhaps I will work on my Brocade doily and finish it off.

That's it today. Ghost, OUT!


Cherri said...

Beautiful scarf, Ghost! I love that pattern and have made so many. The afghan is gorgeous! Love the pic, too with eggs. It just makes it all the more beautiful (if that's possible). :)
Hugs, Cherri

Wendy said...

Love the scarf, and the blanket is glad you are feeling better now...HUGS

Sandie said...

What a beautiful scarf! I had a look at the pattern too. Can't have too many patterns - or hooks - or yarn ... LOL And the baby blanket came out really nice! Isn't it something how some projects just refuse to get in line from the get go? You did a great job on this one.


I love the scarf, it is beautiful. And I am glad you are back - keep your spirits up! :-)

Scarlet said...

Have I mentioned that I love that scarf?? Well I am mentioning it now. LOL

WHat can I say about that afghan? It is so stunning and the colors are so rich and vibrant. You do beautiful wok sis.