Friday, March 20, 2009

Thanks To My Readers

I want to thank everyone that took the time to respond to my question. I have decided to stick with just this blog and I will be rearranging and adding some new side bar features in the next few weeks. So keep watch. I am sure it will not be anything that is new to any of you more experienced crocheters and knitter but I like to make things easy to find for myself and for my readers.

So, I did not get much crafting done of any sort yesterday as I was out shopping and buying food also. Two trips out in one day left me exhausted and I wound up taking a three hour nap. That and the shopping consumed most of my day. I also prepared a dinner. So I did not have much time left for play.

I purchased a sorting box for my buttons, some larger stitch markers (just like the ones I have but bigger), these look like baby diaper pins and I like them a lot. I also got a paint by number kit for my daughter, a candy bar for my grandson and some Jordan Almonds for me. I can rarely find them anywhere to purchase around here. They were in with the wedding supplies. I will have to keep that in mind for the future. Oh and I got some small pearls to add to some project. I want to try and do some crochet with beading or knit with beading. I have done this in the past but never finished the brides dress I was making for Barbie. It is not difficult just time consuming. So, that is something for you to watch for in the future.

Now for the final report on yesterdays events is a package I received in the mail yesterday. I offered to finish a project that June started and did not want to finish. It is the Snowflake Afghan and I can sure understand her being tired of this project. It is a big one. I will be speaking of this as MY ORPHAN PROJECT, a name given to me by my sister. It is a good name since it is a UFO looking for a new home.

I have now seen June's work first hand and it is really beautiful. I will try to match the gauge by using the right hook size to match it. She had already completed 30 hexagons so she was over half way done. I will not be rushing on this project but will get to it when I have shortened my already overloaded current works in progress list. Oh and one other thing. She used the same colors for hers that I used to make my last one. So, she suggests that I keep it and have HIS and HERS. I may do that and I may just give it to charity. Not sure yet. We will see when the time comes. Thanks for this opportunity June and for your generosity in the other yarns you sent with this Orphan Project. You are a kind hearted person and very good friend.

That's it for today. Ghost, OUT!


Scarlet said...

I know that your day yesterday was so busy. I hope that you got some well needed and deserved rest and are ready to tackle that Froggie Blanket. :)


Wendy said...

I too had a very busy day yesterday, with the kids and school and running them to speech therapy...Today will be spent running stuff to storage, so I will not only get less time to craft, but also end up tired and sore....what a life.....


Sandie said...

Oh, are you going to be the Orphan Project lady? Because I can see a future in that for you. I have several projects that could be orphaned that I was just looking at today. LOL I'll bet you could make money finishing projects for others. We all have those projects we just never seem to get to... I usually end up changing them into something else. I plan to work on those now as the yarn for each project is with it. :-)

Armina said...

Stop by my blog - you have a surprise! :-)