Saturday, April 18, 2009

Brocade Doily And More

This is the Brocade Doily. It is not finished per pattern because I chose to end it on round 14 of 23. I did this because I liked this round as the final edging. If I had used #10 thread and the smaller needle called for in this pattern it would of been smaller and I would of continued on with the rest of the pattern but since I did not it was getting real large and the holes or open spots in this doily are very large which is something that bothers me about a pattern so I chose to stop here. Anyway I was doing this for a group that I no longer belong to so I will be giving it to my daughter instead of charity. The group is Vintage Crochet if you want the pattern you will have to join the group, sorry.

I have decided that I will not be making any more doilies with #3 thread. Instead I will make other items with it as I feel it is too big for most doilies. Maybe potholders, washcloths or hotpads would be better suited for this size thread. My hook size for this one was a size 1 steel crochet hook and the thread was #3. This one like the Blue Pineapples has not been blocked, just stretched a bit.

I am now going to work on the kaleidoscope afghan and the amazing star afghan, but I am also working on the final scarf for this month to send to Compassionate Creations. I will share these items with you all later. But I also found a new pattern to make some more scrubbies with from my nylon yarn that I have. But have not started them yet. OH, and I also finished two more lip Balm holders.

That's it today. Ghost, OUT!


Sandie said...

Both this one and the blue pineapple doilies are just beautiful. I had to click and look at them larger. The detail is just wonderful. You are so skilled at your craft! I have long admired the "pineapple" style patterns particularly.

Sandy said...

Beautiful dollies, also enjoyed looking back through your last several post to see the cute cute animals!

Thanks for your kind comments awhile back regarding Mom. It's been such a long hard haul for us all; but thankfully she's no longer suffering.



Wow that is beautiful!