Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sharing Is A Great Idea

This is what I have done in the last few days. This pattern comes from HERE. Mine was made with a "G" hook and worsted weight acrylic yarn scraps. I used more scraps for the face and stuffed with all the tails I cut off of other projects after weaving in ends. This item goes to the UC unit at my CFAC group. I added the scarf just for interest.

This next item is what my sister titled an Orphan Project. I think the name is perfect since I adopted it from another crafter and friend of mine June. June felt she could not finish this project and asked if I would like too. Since I had made one Snowflake afghan already I figured what the heck. She had already done 30 squares. I thought that would be perfect for a child size throw. So this one is also going to my CFAC group. All I did was was assemble the hexagons and add a one row border of sc. I was told to either keep it or donate it and so since we had one in the house already I figured a good home would be with child that needed extra warmth. Thanks June for the opportunity to work with you. Your work is lovely and when you see it first hand it is even better. We used and "I" hook and worsted weight yarns in Caron and Red Heart. The colors were White and Hunter Green. The pattern can be found HERE.

I have been working on many other items but won't share them until almost the end of the month. These all have to do with the photo I posted a few days back about the pile of yarn I asked you all about.

That's it today. Ghost, OUT!


Cherri said...

Very cute bunny, Ghost. Love the 'ghan, too. It's so nice of you to make all this stuff for the group. :) Thanks you.
Hugs, Cherri

Bunny said...

The bunny is so cute. What a great idea with what to do with the tails.
The afghan is beautiful. It will certainly make someone feel very special with the snowflakes.

June said...

Thank you for finishing the afghan for me, and I am pleased that it will be donated to a good home. To answer your question on my blog, yes, I did come home with some wool...a whole fleece (light gray) and some roving (ready to spin). My quilt room now smells like I've got a live sheep in there, heehee.

sissie said...

he is so cute! and what a great idea to use all the left over tails to fill him with! I will have to start saving my tails LOL

you did an awesome job on your snowflake afghan also!


Scarlet said...

LOVE LOVE that bunny. ANd that snowflake ghan is so pretty. Great job again

Love you