Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Calendar Ghan Squares

Here is my first square, called "Winter Dream" in the Calendar 'Ghan CAL. If you would like to join in you can find the patterns at Dishcloth Diaries Blog. The color on these squares are not true. This one is the medium brown and is Taupe. Sorry this photo is not the best.

The second photo is the second in the series. It is called "Pammi's Passion" and is the lightest brown I will use and is Beige. I enjoyed working this pattern and love the hearts and how they were created.

The third photo is called "Lion's Mane" and is the darker of the three. Even though it looks almost orange it is Nutmeg. This one was my least favorite to make but was also easy.

I have made two changes on all the squares so far, I am using a "J" hook because I know that I crochet very tightly. Second, because I am annal I added a round of sc to each square with 3 sc in each corner, simply because I like the edges to be all the same when completed.

I will be making this ghan in shades of brown. The shades are Taupe in Caron One Pounder worsted weight acrylic yarn, I also used Beige and Nutmeg in Caron One Pounders for the other squares and will possibly be joining with Red Heart Super Saver worsted weight acrylic in Coffee. That is the plan but a year is a long time to plan ahead when it comes to crochet, therefore you never know what changes will take place.

Since I used a hook size larger my squares are slightly larger than 12". They are approximately 12-1/2" before blocking and 13" after blocking. That is okay with me as it will make the ghan just a tad larger. Of course at this point I do not know what joining or edging will be used.

I do believe the squares in the series so far are well done and so pretty. The first one was very easy to follow the pattern and I enjoyed making it and it worked up quickly. I still have not made the April or May square yet but I am working on them.

That's it today. Ghost, OUT!


Tina said...

Your squares look so nice. I might go check out that blog. (Not that I need any more groups or CALs to join... :P)

June said...

Oh, I love your squares! Makes me want to start one of these afghans, but you probably know I wouldn't finish it, huh? Hope you will finish yours, it's fantastic!

Cherri said...

Those are beautiful squares. Thanks for the link. I have to make a couple of 12" squares and these are just so pretty. :)
Hugs, Cherri

Therese said...

Love the squares. I will check out the site tonight after work. I also love the your background. Makes me want to change mine. Who knows I just might do that tonight also lol....
Take care

Bunny said...

Yes Ghost. I would also say the squares were well done. Yeah I know that's not what you meant BUT they are! LOL