Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sissy Project - Sweater

Here I am again. Still not doing much blogging or crocheting but did manage to get this sweater made with the prodding of my sister, Scarlet. If not for her brains I would not have been able to complete this. The assembly was the part that gave me problems. But it worked up quickly.

I used all the bulky weight yarns in Red Heart #6 weight. Colors were Pink Lemonade, Honey Multi, Grape Crush and the border was done in Jelly Bean. I used an "M" hook and the pattern was in the August 2009 issue of Crochet World Magazine on Pg. 42.

We are now working on another sissy project, which is a shawl. It is a little more involved and has squares and stripes.

That's it today. Ghost, OUT!


DabookLady said...

that is so pretty...I have never seen anything like it...you did a great job...

Beansieleigh said...

BEAUTIFUL JOB!!! LOVE this!.. and "jellybean yarn"?? Now there's a color calling to me! (Is that red heart too?) I hope this means you're getting in the groove again?.. I always love to see what you're making!! (0;

June said...

I love your sweater too! You did a beautiful job. Nice to see you blogging. I try to check back every day! Hang in there, my friend!

Tina said...

Your sweater looks great. I think I have that issue, I should try to make one myself (someday....) :P Nice work!

Sandy said...

You look like a rainbow of colors! Sweet, you both got one made. An M hook, wow. I'm not familiar with the yarn you're talking about -- is it the craft yarn?

Popping in to say hi to all the Bridge members, we've got some news about special summer needs, goals, new design etc. Pop in to catch up. Besides, it gets lonely there when no one comes to visit.

Bridge and Beyond

Sandy said...

Today, I'm visiting from Sandy's Space...checking in all my friends. Hope things are going well for you. You're not doubt busy as ever with your smoking hook whipping up something. I'm trying, it's been a slow process though.


Sandy said...

Need all team members to please read post on The Bridge, I need a favor.