Monday, September 21, 2009

Sissy Project - Placemat Set

This was the set that I was talking about doing the time I posted. It consists of 4 each of Placemats, dishcloths, coasters, and napkin rings. I also included 2 oven mitts.

The pattern I used can be found in Crochet Digest Magazine, Vol 16, Page 38. It is called Kitchen Fixin's. Of course I changed the pattern and did only double crochet for the body of the pattern. I made up my own measurements for the dishcloths. I used ribbon yarn for the entire set in these colors: Patron...Ocean, Oasis, Tie Dye and Calypso. Also in Bernat ... Bleu Marin, Twist Tropical, and White Wave.

The mitts were made using the pattern found at Easy Oven Mitts. They were easy and made using the same ribbon yarns by Patron and Bernat using three of the shades of the same colors at one time.

Now, I am working on a snuggle using a pattern sent to me by June. I am not saying much about it except I am enjoying it and it filled with fun and will be extra warm. Then my plans are to finish the the eight other projects that I have started before beginning anything new.

Oh and by the way I will be gone for the month of October. Sis and Nick are bringing me out to California again for another visit. There is something special going on but it is not my place to share the news, so I am all hush hush!

That's it today. Ghost, OUT!

4 comments: said...

Beautiful Sis. I love them. What a great idea this project was.

*HUGS and love*

Sandie said...

Love them. The edging really makes the look. They are beautiful. Have fun visiting with Scarlet!

Beansieleigh said...

Your placemats are beautiful, and I LOVE the varigated colors you used! I may have to try that! I did a bunch of them too, not too long ago, in a granny pattern, but I'd love to do more for myself and for Christmas gifts! Have a safe trip to California, and best wishes to you for a wonderful time there! ~tina

Sandy said...

Wonderful colors. Of course (hehe) you altered the pattern. Some things can be counted on. lol You are always sooooooo creative.