Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Squares And Scarf Set

This is another Hat and Scarf set I made for one of my daughters friends. He asked for red, green and black as a color combination. I used scrap yarns I had except for the green which is Caron in Kelly Green. Hook size used was an "H" and the pattern for the scarf came from Happy Yellow House Nov. Scarf Pattern. The hat had no pattern and just did my own thing hoping it would come out good and I did do some frogging to get what I wanted. Hope he likes it. I did not measure the scarf but used a hook size one size smaller than called for in the pattern. It is an easy pattern. Just hdc v st. which gave it a zig zag pattern effect. I did add one extra row making it 11 instead of 10 rows.

This is a picture of the border round I plan on putting on the Calendar Ghan I am making. I am hoping to join them as I go using the Flat Braid join as you go method. This will be a new learn for me this year. I have never done Join As You Go before but have always wanted to learn a proper method of doing this that was easy.

Here is what I have done as my first round on the square shown:
Working border on 39 sts. with 1 extra st in each corner.
Rd 1: sl st in center st of corner, *(sc, ch 3, sc in same st), ch 2, sk next st, sc in next st across to next corner st*, repeat between * three more times. join with sl st in first sc.

I will repeat this according the video shown above. Wish me a fortunate journey.

This is a photo of the last square I made for the same ghan. I still have Nov. and Dec. to complete. This one is called Pretty In Pink. I am getting close.

I noticed as of today that April has finished the Nov. square called Mum's The Word, so I will be heading over there to finish that one up today hopefully.

That's it today. Ghost, OUT!


Scarlet said...

I just love you blog and all the entries you've made since coming home.
I want you to never go out of the house without your Ear Muggins. They will help keep you warm (I think). LOL

And of course I am sending much love and affection.


Sandy said...

I don't like making hdc and usually substiture something else for them, but oh...do love the look you've got here. What a fun color combination.