Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Dreams and Completed Projects

As a Jehovah Witness I do not celebrate Christmas any longer, but I have many memories of Christmas' past. I will share some of those memories.

This offering is one that wrote while sitting and dreaming of how I wanted Christmas to be and things that I thought would make a lovely and peace filled Christmas.

Christmas Dreams written on 12/5/2001

As the snow softly fell from the sky you could hear the silver bells as they loudly tolled their lovely sounds. The tree lights were all aglow; our stockings were hung with care. The treetop was adorned with an angel and was surrounded with artistic and lavishly wrapped gifts. Our guests began to arrive in horse drawn sleighs. We sang carols around the fire; our voices blending with the bells. The aroma of fresh baked pies permeated the air. The hot chocolate and eggnog were a tremendous success, as we all waited for Santa to drop down the chimney with his jolly ho, ho, ho. My dream of Christmas' Past. I really think sometimes that I was born to late that I should have been born in a more simpler time.

Finally finished this snuggle blanket. It is huge and weights a ton. I do not want to make another one of these but it is very nice looking and I am surprised because I kept saying how ugly it was as I was making it. But once it was laid out I really like it.

I used Lion Brand Homespun in Quartz, Candy Apple, Black and Olive. I mixed this with novelty yarns of Patrons Cha Cha in R and B, Merlot and Salsa. Bernat Disco in Big Blue, Jungle Jive and Love Bird. Finally, Patrons Twister in Bongo Blue, Grape Nuts, Sage Twist. My hook size was an "M" and all I did was a double crochet throughout on 145 stitches across. I did not add a border.

This week I also made this hat for my grandson who had three store bought hats and lost all of them. It has been so cold here I felt bad he did not have one. Took me all of two hours to make. I used an "I" hook and acrylic yarn in unbanded leftovers. It was most likely Red Heart as most of my Caron is purchased in One Pounders. I used my favorite hat pattern found at Purple Kitty. He was thrilled to get it and get it so fast.

Ghost, OUT!

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vicki said...

thats a very lovely way to think of spending christmas. i too wish i had been born in a earlier gentler time course was alot more work then but work is good for the soul thanks for sharing that with us