Saturday, December 26, 2009

Flower Friday ~ No Flowers

I wanted to say thanks to all of my friends who have passed good wishes on me for the holiday season. But I do not any longer celebrate the holidays. So I am not being rude if I have not passed these wishes back to you. But did want to say a big THANKS for sharing them with me.

I do realize that this is not Friday any longer, but late Saturday already. I can only tell you that I had lost my connection on Thursday and did not get it back until a few hours ago. Therefore I am a bit behind. So there are no flowers to show you today but I did make a hat for my daughter while I was away.

It is called a Ponytail hat and I got the pattern at Crochet Renee. I used Red Heart Hula yarn in Lemon Fizz and my hook was as stated in the pattern. As you can see this works out well for someone with long hair who wants to wear a hat and a ponytail at the same time. Well, that is my share for the day. And I am working on the Cable Baby Blanket currently. I have once again gone with my own ideas. I will post more on that soon.

All these stories are memories of past events that took place at other times in my life.

Remembering and Sharing - Written on 12/22/2001

This year is going to be a very sad Christmas for many, due to the loss of loved ones. As I sit here and remember that thought I think of all the many gifts that I have given to people over the past years. This year we are not exchanging gifts, not material gifts anyway. This year we are giving the gift of sharing.

I have always shared myself at Christmas but always with a gift, a token of my love. I rushed around and shopped, wrapped with beautiful paper and ribbons, placed them under the tree and then waited for them to be picked up or delivered as we made our rounds to visit all our family and friends.

We had many traditions at this time that have long since gone by the wayside for one reason or other. We bought a new ornament for each child at Christmas time to place on the tree with their own hands. I made ornaments for friends and family for them to take from our tree to theirs. There was the food and baking shared by children now grown and with families of their own making; they now are creating their own traditions.

We would read the 'Night Before Christmas' in the evening before allowing them to open their early gift before going to bed to wait for Santa's arrival. We sang carols and read the Story of Christ Birth. Yes, we had traditions that were a part of us, part of our holiday celebrations, all gone now along with the children they were shared with.

So this Christmas is different for me, I am lucky though for even though these things are no longer shared with family members on Christmas Eve I still have those precious people in my life to share with. I am so very thankful for that and I think this years sharing of myself, and receiving that sharing back will be the best Christmas Gift I have ever given or received.

Ghost, OUT!


The Garden Bell said...

Isn't this fun.... Love the color.

Pammy Sue said...

Thanks for the hat pattern link. I've printed it and will be making it really soon!

Sandy said...

Sounds like you had some wonderful family Christmas traditions and memories, sorry that's gone by the by.

Cute hat, clever idea for warmer temperatures especially.