Thursday, December 3, 2009

Keeping a Crochet Journal

A few days ago I talked about keeping a record or journal of your crochet projects. Of course this can be kept for any craft you may do but today since I am basically a crochet person I am going to talk about a Crochet Journal.

This may seem like a daunting task at first but it is easy enough to do if you fill it out with each new project you start even if not finished right away. And what a wonderful way to go back and refresh your memory about stitches, yarn, hook or any other item you may have forgotten because it has been setting on the side lines for such a long time, while other more important or interesting projects have caught your eye.

So lets begin...
The journal itself can be as simple as a spiral note book or as elaborate as a hand crafted book made from your own imagination. Mine is a simple note book. Now, you can tab it if you like by using a ringed binder of course. Create an index if you like in the first few pages and add to it as you go for easy reference later. Also use plastic sleeve covers if you like for neatness and cleanliness. I happen to have a notebook handy so that is what I will use, no tabs and no index in this case. May be sorry about that later. Like I said though this is your journal and you will do what is best for you.

Okay, so now that we have discussed a possible book, pages and possible book layout let's talk about the page layout. What should I include? I like to include as much information as possible and yet only what is going to be important to me and the recipient if ever they ask a question about the project they received.

I will present here a list of items I include in my journal and possibilities/examples for their use.
PROJECT NAME ~ Amazing Star Throw
You can name type of project such as knitting, crochet, scrapbooking etc.

DATE STARTED ~ I like to keep this near the top but you can place it where ever it is convenient for you.

DATE COMPLETED ~ I like to keep these two together.

PATTERN USED ~ What pattern, magazine, site or location of project instructions. This is where I usually provide a link to the pattern or book I used.

This next section is about the materials used. In my case it is basically about the yarn.
YARN BRAND ~ Caron, etc.

YARN TYPE ~ Wool, acrylic, etc.

YARN WEIGHT ~ Bulky, worsted, baby, etc.

YARN COLOR ~ This one is obvious but I would like to suggest that you do no be afraid to mix unusual combinations and they often work better together than you may think and others may see delightful things in color combinations that you think are awful. So experiment, get crazy!

YARN AMOUNTS USED ~ This one can be difficult but there is a way to keep track of amounts used. Of course this is going to depend a lot on you and your gauge, if you use different type of yarn than called for in the pattern. But at any rate you can get a good estimate and I will go into this on Tuesday next week, since this is already going to be a long entry. You of course can enter here what the pattern calls for and leave it at that.

HOOK SIZE ~ I always forget this after laying a project down for a while and I find if I leave the hook with the project then when I need it I can't find it and think I have lost it.

SKILL LEVEL ~ This is according to your own level of understanding and not necessarily those of the pattern creator.

NEW TECHNIQUE LEARNED ~ Do you learn anything new from this pattern? Write it down.

SPECIAL ITEMS USED ~ Buttons, ribbon, string, fabric etc.

LAUNDERING INSTRUCTIONS ~ How to wash and dry so recipient will know. It is always nice if you print this up for them and include it with the item so they can reference it when needed.

PHOTO LOCATION ~ Print and paste or include a photo of completed project. I keep mine on disk so I would include what disk or some are on Flicker. Just mark someplace where you can see the project if you don't have a physical copy.

And finally...
COMMENTS ~ Here is where you can enter anything special you did, like change pattern directions. Add something new or a border information. What you thought of this pattern, if it is one you would share or one you would toss in the fire.

So there you have it... a peek into my journal. Share your ideas.

That's it today. Ghost, OUT!


Pammy Sue said...

I started keeping a crochet journal at the beginning of the year. It's a great idea and I love it. Mine's not real fancy or anything. I'd love to make it like a scrapbook with photos of the finished projects, but I'm just not that energetic!

Sandie said...

I've been keeping a crochet journal for some time, but I lapse now and then and have to catch up on it - like right now. Thanks for the reminder. I have a form I use - I fill out the info and print it with the photo right on it.

Anonymous said...

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