Friday, February 12, 2010

July Hat

Still working on the 12 baby hats, I did this one for the month of July. The colors and star suggest that is is a 4th of July hat. I made the star from the pattern I found at Coffee and Crafts. I used the cotton flocked ribbon yarn for the star and Red Heart in Cherry Red and Royal Blue for the rest of the hat. My hook size was a "G" and I used the Headhugger pattern, eliminating round 5 as stated in the pattern.

I sewed the star to the top of the hat and before finishing the hat I did a round of reverse single crochet around the edge. I know I have said this before but I love the rope effect it gives to an edge and it seems so manish/boyish.

Now, I know I keep talking about this white flocked ribbon yarn that I am using. I took a photo so you could see what it looks like. I got the yarn as a gift from my sister. It was purchased in bulk bags and no label so I can only refer to it as I do. It is hard yarn to work with since it does not have any slide to it. The flocking causes it to stick to itself and there is only a tiny little string in the center so it will break easily. YOu have to be careful when working with it that you don't make many errors because it is hard to frog. Anyway, just thought you might want to see what it looks like before it is worked into a project.

Ghost, OUT!


Chela said...

Pretty hat, I don't like frogs, but I love the frog hat!!!

Dear Ghost,
Do you read graphics or diagrams?, because the pot holder we are doing it's very easy, the stitches are dc and sc only, let me know!

Have a nice weekend!!!
P.S. I have that kind of yarn, (baby yarn) And I hate it, I try to make some baby booties and I give up! And I don't give up so easy :D

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!