Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pillow Prize

Well here is a pillow I threw together as a prize for the shower my daughter is giving to Shelley who is having the baby in October. This was a last minute thought and I started it on the 8th and finished it yesterday.

There really isn't a pattern for it. I just started it like I was making a hat and keep going with increases until I felt it was big enough around to make a throw pillow. I used an "F" hook and sc all the way. MY yarn was the cotton flocked that I still have a bunch of to use up. Once I had a nice size pillow round I started the same process with decrease rounds until it was small enough to stuff.

Before stuffing I sewed the heart motif I had made to one side, then stuffed, then completed the final rounds of closure. Once the hole was closed I use another motif flower that I made and sewed it to the opposite side of the pillow, covering the closure. Not that it needed it but this kind of gives you two pillows for the price of one.

Ghost, OUT!


Pam said...

Your are so fast!!

Did you realize that you presented us 2 or 3 new ideas / projects in less than a week???

you are great! and I'm glad to have the chance to see your projects.. really... Im totally amazed by this Blog-stuff-- I have learnt A LOT.. and all your projects.. and ideas.. OMG... they just encourages me to go on with my little stuff.
Thanks, thanks, thanks..


Pammy Sue said...

I wish i could take credit for that first comment, but it was another Pam that left that. Her blog is here:

She's right though. I second everything she said!


Carina said...

Hi!! Such a nice blog you have here, and so many beautiful things you make!!I guess you like cats,the same is true for me, hahaha!!
Please come and visit me at

Greetings from Argentina!!

Sandie said...

Your projects are always an inspiration. I'm sure the party-goers who win the prize will be delighted.

Pam said...

Oh... I just feel it...
Ghost, you don't have to thank.. really..
Although I don't know you and the rest of the crocheteers in person, I feel in my heart we enjoy something in common and that is this little kind of art.
Hugs to you from Chile.