Sunday, April 25, 2010

Polo Neck Warmer

This Polo Neckwarmer is a bit different from a scarf but will serve the same purpose and might even be a bit warmer. I used Red Heart Strata in Passion. I had a lot of this yarn but it is dwindling. Hook size for this one was an "I". I wanted to make sure it would fit an adult.

This second picture shows an alternate way of wearing the Polo, with the top folded down and it can also be worn under a sweatshirt. It is fun and easy to make. This will be going to the Metro group as a scarf.

Ghost, OUT!


Carol said...

How unique! This would be a great way to practice short rows on my knitting frame! Thanks for sharing.

Sandie said...

I agree with Carol. The strata gives such a unique look. Very nice! Looks warm too! I have a neck warmer started that I need to get back to. Guess no rush now as winter is about done. Heh

Wormie said...

This looks great!

Carina said...

How nice this polo neckwarmer!It's ideal for me,now that I have a sore throat, and a good and better alternative to scarves.I am going to try to do one. Thanks for the idea!!