Sunday, May 9, 2010

Collar Neckwarmer

This neckwarmer can be worn with the opening in any position. If worn with the opening in the back and a coat over it it would be very warm. If worn with the open at the sides or front it would also be very fashionable. The edging is very lacy, it is difficult to see that in these pictures but shows well in the link picture below.

This is not a pattern I would like to do more than once. It is not difficult it is just the way the pattern is written. Somethings flow and some don't. I used the suggested hook size and and Red Heart Strata in Passion. The Collar can be found at Mary Maxim.

Ghost, OUT!

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Creazioni Emanuela.D said...

bei lavori ,i colori che usi mi piacciono molto,cioa da emanuela