Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tid Bits of Info

These facts were gleaned from the, January 2007, Awake magazine published by Jehovah Witnesses.

* Over a 15-month period, 82 newborn babies were found abandoned on the streets of Mexico City, 27 of them lifeless. --El Universal, Mexico

* Studies of caves in two national parks in California, U.S.A., have yielded 27 new animal species. "This just confirms how little we know about the world around us," says Joel Despain, a cave specialist for the National Park Service. -- Smithsonian. U.S.A.

* Twenty percent of the world's population lack potable water. Forty percent lack basic sanitary systems. -- Milenio, Mexico.

* Poachers kill between 20,000 and 30,000 animals per year in the Serengeti National Park alone. -- The Daily News, Tanzania.

* Studies carried out in Barcelona, Spain, reveal the 1 out of every 3 students aged 16 smokes cannabis rgularly. -- La Vanguardia, Spain.

Ghost, OUT!


Magia da Inês said...

♥Olá, amiga!
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sandy said...

82 babies abandoned, how horrible. Makes your skin crawl when you read things like that.


Sandy said...

Forgot to ask how things after the move are going. When I popped back to do that, was surprised to see I wasn't already following you. Was pretty sure I had been for the last couple of years. Probably a blogger computer snafu. Anyway did it again. Hope it's not a dupl.