Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bernat CAL- Week Two and More

The second week clues are out for the Bernat CAL Afghan. To find out more about this project you can click the above link.

This weeks offerings are granny squares. For anyone that has crocheted for a while that is an easy square to make. I did mine in Vanna's Choice in Brick and Rose. I only changed one thing in this square and that is the join at the corner.

I did not do slip stitches to reach the corner. Instead I did a chain 3, and 2dc in first corner and worked my way around to first corner following pattern. I then worked the second set of 3dc in the first corner and joined to the 3rd chain of the ch3 stitch with a dc. That gave me the chain 3 loop and I was in the center of the loop so I could start the next round. I do this only in the starting corner loop. And when I finish the last round of square I finish it as the pattern calls for.

This is the way I work most corners of squares. It means I can always start in the center of the corner instead of on the side. This is how that corner looks completed. It is not any different than the other three. And there is less bulk leading up to the corner also. I call this the Bobby Close because I learned how to do while making a bobby square.

I have also started another shawl and worked more on the rug this week.

With the rug I only have one skein of Red to use then it will completed. I hope to complete it today or tomorrow. It is hard to say since the thinkness of the yarn makes my hands hurt, so I can only do a little at a time. And once again I am using Lion Brand Thick and Quick and and a Susan Bates Hook in size "N". I love Susan Bates hooks the best.

The second shawl is round and the pattern can be found at Antique Crochet Patterns. It is not an easy pattern to follow but I am working it the best I can. I am using a plastic hook, which I hate, in size L or 8mm. The yarn, I love, and is Caron One Pounder in two shades called "Soft Sage and Pale Green". That is it for this week except for the Granny Mandala I posted about a few days ago.

CROCHET TIP: When working with chains, it is usual for a ch 3 to equal a dc and for a ch 2 to equal a hdc. Thus a sc would be equal to 1 ch.

Ghost, OUT!


Clara said...

Wow, you have been busy. Everything is looking great though. I know what you you mean about the large plastic hooks....yuk!

SandieP said...

I do my granny corners thataway now too, working half of it at the beginning and half at the end. Love seeing all your projects. Nice!