Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Shawl or Stole?

Have you ever wondered what the difference is?

While in the fashion world, the stole is oftentimes confused with the shawl, there are differences between the two. Although each can be used as an accessory to a party dress or gown, stoles are commonly used to cover the shoulders. Shawls, however, are usually designed specifically as a means of warmth in addition to complementing an outfit.

Rather than warmth, a stole is often worn to show off a particular fabric, like satin, or fur, such as white mink. The major difference between stoles and shawls lies in the size and material. Stoles are usually rectangular and range between 2-4 feet wide (61-122 cm) and 5-6 feet long (152-183 cm). Shawls are generally triangular and larger in size—about 3 feet wide (91 cm) and 7 feet in length (213 cm). They are also constructed with heavier material.

Here is my Stole, which I been calling a shawl. I used a J hook throughout. The pattern was from Lion Brand and called Diagonal Shawl. The yarn was Red Heart AZtec in the color passion. I used 6 3oz skeins to complete the stole.


Ghost, OUT!

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Clara said...

I really like this pattern and it looks very warm.