Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Truth Will Set You Free

That statement of Jesus Christ, found in the Bible at John 8:32, is an eternal truth. That truth liberates us from superstition and from customs that displease God and harm us. The following shows how Bible truth has liberated people in various lands from some of the burdensome customs associated with Christmas.

Bible Truth Set Them Free!
Argentina: “Our family has been set free from the problems associated with excess eating and drinking and the cost of gifts we could not afford,” says Oscar.

Mario felt a great sense of freedom when the “Christmas lie,” as he terms it, was revealed to him. “I now find joy in expressing my appreciation to others by means of gifts at any time of the year and when my budget al- lows me to.”

Canada: “I love giving and receiving gifts,” writes Elfie. “But I don’t like the kind of giving that is done under pressure. When our family stopped celebrating Christmas, it felt like a vacation!”

Ulli, one of Elfie’s daughters, recalls: “After my parents stopped celebrating Christmas, they used to surprise us with fun activities or gifts throughout the year, and we loved that! When our classmates asked us what the occasion was, we would proudly tell them, ‘Just because!’ Still, the transition to living by Bible truth was not easy for our parents, because it meant family opposition and pressure. But they stood firm. Seeing their determination to worship Jehovah God acceptably had a big influence on me.”

For Silvia, giving up Christmas “was a relief,” she says. “Afterward I felt so good! I knew I was pleasing Jehovah God, and that felt better than thousands of Christmas celebrations.”

Kenya: Peter writes:“When I was celebrating Christmas, I borrowed heavily in order to purchase gifts and pay for lavish meals. Of course, all this meant that I had to work overtime, which took me away from my family. How thrilled I was to be set free from all that!”

“I give—and receive—gifts from family and friends at any time,” says Carolyne. “I believe such unexpected gifts, which are given out of a pure heart, are by far the best.”

Japan: “Our children,” write Hiroshi and Rie, “have not fallen into the trap of expecting gifts and taking them for granted. It makes us happy as parents to see them understand that giving should come from the heart.”

Keiko recalls: “Our family used to celebrate Christmas. After confirming that our son was asleep, my husband and I would place a present at his bedside. On the following morning, we would say to him: ‘Because you have been a good boy, Santa gave you a present.’ When I learned the truth about Christmas and shared what I had learned with my son, he was shocked and cried. At that point, it really hit me that Christmas is not the beautiful thing it is portrayed to be. Rather, it is a lie, and by perpetuating that lie, I felt I had betrayed my son.”

Philippines: Dave says: “It is hard to convey in writing the joy that Jehovah gives us by means of the pure truths found in the Bible. When members of our family give gifts to others, we do not expect anything in return. And we give from the heart."

The individuals quoted above are just some of the millions who have learned from personal experience that Bible truth sets people free. More important still, when we live in harmony with that truth, we bring joy to God’s heart. (Proverbs 27:11) Jesus Christ said: “The true worshipers will worship the Father with spirit and truth, for, indeed, the Father is looking for suchlike ones to worship him.” (John 4:23) When God looks into your heart, does he see someone who yearns for truth? We hope that the answer is an unequivocal yes!
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