Sunday, December 5, 2010

Some Crochet News

I am back to working on the Bernat CAL Afghan and some other crochet I started. I don't know what was the matter with me that I slacked off. Shrug! I will start off with the capelet I started using the Hula yarn. You can see the beginnings by going here. You can also get all the info on the project at that spot.

Next I want to talk about something that is not crochet, a gift I received from my sister yesterday. It is a sculpture of the word Lighthouse. It is special because sis has always called me her lighthouse. I have no clue as to why but there you have it.
I love it and display it over my computer screen on the ledge.

She also sent me a book and some other things. The book is like a journal and is called "List Your Self". It is a book of self-discovery. I have read the intro and hope to start filling in some of the lists today. I am quite excited about this book.

Okay back to the afghan. I finished the flower squares and still had seven of the diagonal squares to make. I hated making them, and think that is what stopped me. More about that in a minute. Anyway I made all the flower squares and ran of Vanna's Choice yarn. So, I had to add some other colors and types of yarn to my list. They included: Red Heart Soft Baby Steps in Baby Blue, Lion Brand Cotton Thick and Quick in Seaspray, and Mary Maxim Starlette in Red Wine, Medium Willow, and Blue. Amazingly these all sound so different in weight yet were quite compatible. I am pleased with the results.

So now back to the diagonal squares. Sis had this great idea of making the corners with the large granny squares. I thought oh that will work for me so... I changed my plan of action and made four granny's instead of the diagonal. I was so happy. I know it only shows three squares but I did make four and the diagonal squares I had I put away to use in the Babette afghan I have started. I am now at the point of sewing the squares together but plan to take a break from this project for now and work on some others I have started. So that is the crochet news for now. I will also be starting the Crobots that I have talked about for so long. FINALLY!

Ghost, OUT!


Carol said...

I am doing the Bernat CAL too and spent today blocking my squares. My motivation to complete this is that it is to be a Christmas gift. This is my very first CAL and I haven't decided if I like it or not. I have always been a pretty even crocheter but I really had to work at blocking some of these. Did you find any size variance or is it just me? I love how you play with the colors!

Clara said...

Love the lighthouse sign, so nice of your sister! I do not think I could keep up with a CAL, to be honest.