Saturday, January 15, 2011

Circular Shawl Completed

I finished it today. I skipped several rows but it is big enough for me. It is the Circular Shawl that I started a while ago. Back in 2010 using an "L" hook and Caron One Pounder yarn in Pale Green and Sage.

As I said I skipped some rows which made it a bit shorter than the pattern but it is long enough for me and you can lengthen it by folding it off center. It is plenty warm since you wear it folded in half. It was the last item that I did not get to finish last year. Now it is done and I can move on, with a clear conscious, to this years items. I am currently working on the Crobots and also a Bib Apron for myself. I would like to make this year my Amigurumi year, since I have so many of those patterns saved. We will see how things work out. My hands are really tore up right now from itching which is caused by some kind of fungus, therefore my crochet is slowing down.

Ghost, OUT!


Clara said...

This looks lovely. I hope you can find some relief for you hands. With the dry weather this time of year it makes things that much worse. Thanks for your kind comments!

Sandie said...

Hope your hands improve so you can enjoy your crocheting more. Lovely shawl. Thanks for sharing the pattern.

Susan said...

beautiful shawl ! excellent work!