Saturday, January 8, 2011


I don't think of zombies as green but why NOT? I did not have any of the yarn suggested or a color I liked so I used Simply Soft in a speckled yarn of which I had a small scarp ball. I was worried I would run out but as you can see I did not and even have a bit of it left. Hook size was the same as before. This was the third one in the book and the next one is MechanoBot.

Sis was going to send some of the right color yarn but I was too anxious to wait. Perhaps she will do hers in that color. I think he turned out okay though.

Ghost, OUT!


SandieP said...

Zombies are so popular right now. Every Christmas my son gets some zombie item. Your zombies are "cute" if they can be called that. LOL

Clara said...

This is great too because it is not as easy to crochet stuff for guys. These zombies are quite the rage at the moment.