Sunday, March 6, 2011

Faux Dr. Who Scarf

Season 16 version. My needle size is 5-1/2mm. I must say this is a very long scarf and will be in my list for a long time. But if you knit it is mindless work. This is the answer to my blogpost made previously about Sneak Peek. I have made big progress since I first started but have a long way to go yet.

Pattern Site for scarf I am making is…

I did start this scarf once before but did not have the right colors, so I quit and frogged it. I still don't, but wanted to make it so badly that I decided to select colors that I had. My first one was a mix of weights of yarn also, that is mostly what I did not like about it. This one is all made with Simply Soft in the colors shown below. I do love the feel of it and it is quite warm already too.

The colors are the reason I am calling this a faux Dr. Who. They are not the correct colors but the counts of rows for color changes are. Once again I am showing my pattern rebelness. Oh, I don't think that is a word but in my vocabulary it is now.

I will not post about this scarf again until it is finished.

Red----------------------Rubine Red
Brown--------------------Truffle Heather

Ghost, OUT!

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