Friday, February 18, 2011

Gift For Baby

My daughter asked me yesterday to make something for a friend of hers that just had a baby. So I whipped up this hat and sweater set and included a little grab toy. The entire set was made using an "H" hook and Pound of Love yarn in a blue. Sorry no label so I can't give you the correct color.

The pattern for the toy is called Baby's First Doll and was really fast and fun to make. I have had this pattern saved forever and finally had a chance to make it. I hope to make more of them in the future. The face part was made using Jamie yarn in a pink.

The sweater is the same one I made last week called Hexagon Jacket, and can be found at Bev's site. This also is a fast and easy pattern. I changed the cuffs and sweater band to my own taste and to make it a bit tighter. Used the hdc and sc stitches instead of fp and bp. I finished it with happy face buttons in many colors to add some interest.

Since the sweater was done in a granny type stitch pattern I looked for a hat that would match and found the Granny Style Baby Hat. Since this is for a boy I chose to use the reverse crochet stitch for the edging instead of the scallop. I hope she will like it.

Ghost, OUT!


June said...

I am sure that the baby's mother will like it. It is a beautiful sweater and toy. As always, job well done!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful.Love the buttons!

SandieP said...

Beautiful job. This is one pattern I've long had on my list and haven't gotten to yet. The cute little buttons just make the outfit. What a clever idea!

Clara said...

Thank you for sharing these wonderful patterns. The buttons and the sweater and the toy are beautiful. Perfect gifts.

Clara said...

Forgot to the new look of your blog!