Thursday, February 24, 2011

Granny Stripe Shrug

Finally finished the Granny Stripe Shrug. I used all of the variegated and ombre yarns that I currently had. I also made it with an "I" hook. I am thrilled with the finished product and it was a simple pattern to follow but a bit boring after a while doing the same stitch but the change in yarn colors made it go a bit faster.

I began with 150 chains, then hdc in the third ch from hook and worked hdc across the row.

I then did a chain three, skipped two stitches and worked three dc in the next stitch. I did this across the row ending with two dc in last stitch.

I chained three and turned.

I repeated this process for 63 rows.

On row 64 I chained three from row 63 and worked hdc in each stitch across row 64. Finish.

I then changed to red for my border color and worked to rounds of sc around doing three sc in each corner on each round.

NOTE: I paid no attention to where the yarn ended. I did not start and end a row at the beginning of a row. I just made sure that my tails were on the wrong side of garment. If you can't tell which is which side, I suggest you mark the right side unless you plan on starting and ending your rows at the beginning of each row.

Ghost, OUT!

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Clara said...

The shrug looks very nice and I'm sure it will be very comfy too.