Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Another Granny Shrug In The Making

Well I am really keeping my hooks busy these days. The shrug I was making for me I gave to my daughter who really needed it as her room is cold and she sits at the computer a lot. She loves it so much. So my grandson wants one now, he stays in the basement and it is cold down there too.

He selected red and black as his colors and this is the start of another shrug. I am using and "I" hook and Red Heart black and Caron Red. Hope this one won't take me as long to finish but black is hard to work with, especially at night.

Ghost, OUT!


Anonymous said...

Love the colors and pattern. I know what you mean about the black. I thought it was just me.

Clara said...

Just beautiful. Sounds like it's going to get good use.