Friday, April 15, 2011

Butterfly Pillow

I used an old yarn of Color Match in Lilac for the pillow. It was my mothers favorite color. This is a gift for my sister, who does so much for me. The pattern is Butterflies of Spring and can be found in Crochet World, June 2008 issue, on pg.38. I added tassels at the corners and did a reverse sc around to join front and back.

I used a "J" hook. Sis, loves butterflies, did I say that? The pillow form was made for me by Jean at Yarns n More. Thanks Jean. Other colors in the pillow are Peach and Lavender from Jamie Classic yarns. And also Red Heart in Black.

Ghost, OUT!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I've been doing squares too! Jumping over to your other blog for a peek.
Love the colors on your Template.

Sandie said...

The pillow is lovely. I enjoy making butterflies too.

Sandy said...

Fabulous, great colors and so nice that it pulls in one family member as you pass it on to another member. Very nice.

Magia da Inês said...


°•♥♥ °°•✿♫°.•

É ser capaz de mudar,
É partilhar a vida na esperança,
É dizer sim ao amor e à vida,
É ajudar mais gente a ser gente,

Boa Semana Santa!
Feliz Páscoa!!!✿°º

• ♥♥♫° ·.

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