Wednesday, April 13, 2011

King of the Jungle

I call him Dandy Lion Colorguise because he wears a flower and displays lots of color. I found the pattern in Crochet World Mag., June 2007 issue, on pg.16.

I used an "H" hook, very popular with me right now it seems. Also, the yarn was many brands of scraps and left over bits from previously used skeins.

The flower applique in his mane is found here. I used a much smaller hook for it and baby weight or fingering yarns.

Here is a second photo of him.
It is hard to see his tail but it is multicolor and if you look close or enlarge the photo you can get a small peek of it.

Ghost, OUT!


June said...

Your lion is very, very cute!!

Crochet dude said...

lion is very cute.