Friday, April 8, 2011

Love to Cook Hotpad

I did not like the way this came out so I did not add the trim round. I also do not like to cook. But it is thick and works well as a Hotpad. The pattern came from Crochet World Feb. 2010 issue, pg.36. I used an "H" hook and Flocked cotton and Red Heart in Cherry for the middle. It is three layers thick. The back is like the front. I guess all I can say about this project is I hate cooking and the way this turned out. For me it is not a success. Not everything I make turns out well. The edges are awful and the center square was too big for the other two squares. That is what happens when you mix yarns of different weights.

Ghost, OUT!


Clara said...

It is pretty nonetheless. I know what you mean though when something does not turn out to your expectation. I just finished an amigurumi that did me in but I will beat it and ensure it remains a finished product.

Ghost said...

As a crocheter you know that things don't always turn out to be your favorite. I have made many amigurumi's that did not turn out as I wished. But we have to remember we are our worst enemy.