Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wednesday Progress

I started off my day with my usual routine stuff, mail, Bible Reading, Internet sites and then went on to complete the last square for May squares project. I then worked for a while on my Elephant chart project and moved on to the mindless FDW (Faux Dr. Who).

I did forget to mention one other project I have in the making. I forgot only because it is kind of an on going project. But I think I have enough squares made now to complete it or at least work on it. It is my Babette Afghan. I am going to save that one for last and work on the other two first.

Here is the results of yesterdays work.
The FDW...

The Elephant Chart...
It is hard to tell much about this one and because of size it is hard to photograph. The patterns in this booklet are worked one row at a time. Each row is worked on the front only. You do not work back and forth. Stitches used are dc and sc only. This creates the pattern. Basically they are worked in one color in the book but I am sure you can create the pattern in two colors if desired. I am working the pattern as shown in the booklet.

Ghost, OUT!

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SandieP said...

Red is always so hard to photograph. It drives me crazy. But you did a great job with yours. In the larger photo I can see the nice texture. I think it will be quite lovely!

I am anxious to begin my FDW scarf too. :-) Waiting on yarn.