Monday, April 11, 2011

Woven Trivet

I found this wonderful pattern at Adaiha's Blogspot and could hardly wait to make one. Everything was put to the side as I grabbed my "H" hook and acrylic worsted weight yarns of Caron and Red Heart in carrot and taupe. It took me a mere hour to make it and about a half hour to assemble.

This is a real speedy project that is so well written it is hard to make an error. I did follow the pattern except for the type of yarn and I also did not use rings. I just chained 15 stitches and joined and made that my plastic ring.

Ghost, OUT!


Adaiha said...

Super cool! :) I'm glad you didn't have any problems with the pattern. I tried to be as explicit as possible because I remember how frustrating it was as a beginning crocheter to struggle to figure out where to place that next stitch sometimes! A few people have still had trouble with the weaving part even with all of the pictures, so it is nice to hear that you thought I was pretty thorough!

Don't you just love finding a quick pattern that you can drop everything for and complete in an hour? :)

Ghost said...

YOu bet I do and I love your octopuses.

Wormie said...

that looks great! Thanks for sharing the pattern!

Clara said...

Really great looking pattern...thanks for the link!