Tuesday, June 14, 2011


This square is Tahoe by The Crochet Dude.

This is the final square in Drew's Booklet. The pattern is not available except in the booklet. Mine was 12" unblocked and I truly love this square. It has a very linear feel to it and I love the cable look. I did this one in a solid color so the texture or cables would show up better. My yarn was Red Heart Super Saver in Kelly Green. Still using the "H" hook.

I have two more squares to make that I have collected from The Crochet Dude. I will then move on to other squares. Not really sure where I am heading yet. But I know I am ready to turn the corner.

Do all those patterns from yarn labels find themselves scattered about your craft area? Well, why not tuck them away in a old plastic bag. Perhaps one with a zipper that a sheet set came in.

Ghost, OUT!

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Sandie said...

I love this square. It has just enough texture to make it interesting and looks fancy while perhaps not too difficult to do.