Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ruffle Rose Pillow

This is an easy project but for me, it was not a fun project. It was boring and large for the amount of fun. I am glad it is done. It was made with Jamie Classic and Red Heart Monet using the pattern found at Red Heart. It is a free pattern. My hook sizes were one size larger than asked for in the pattern as I crochet tightly.

I did not go all the way to the edge with the flower ruffles. I wanted the flower to stand out more. I also made my own type of back for the pillow. I did a spiral in dc stitches. I used the same colors that were in the Monet color. As I said this pillow is large, huge actually, I will be keeping this one for myself on my bed.

I used the reverse sc or crab stitch to put the two pieces together. I love the rope look of this stitch when it is done.

With these last two projects I completed I still have these projects on my hooks and needles at this time. The scrap wrap is being made with the scraps from the Granny Daughter Blanket.

Dr. Who Scarf (Knit)
Elephant Afghan
Granny Daughter Blanket
Scrap Wrap

Ghost, OUT!

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Sandie said...

I know what you mean about a project that is going okay but is just not fun to work. The Monet is a pretty yarn though. What a great idea to use rsc to assemble. I'll have to use that sometime.