Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Side Step 2

Well, this was not as fast as the other because I did not stick with it. But it is complete now and I used the same pattern as the first one found in Crochet World Magazine.

With this one I used a "J" hook and Red Heart Symphony yarn in the color River Blue. This is a very lightweight yarn and is more like fuzzy string. The skein size is 3.5 oz. and it claims to be worsted medium weight. For me I found it amazing that after doing the nine rounds in the pattern I had not even used up 1/4th of the skein. Once again I kept on going till I reached 20 rounds then one round each on top and bottom of sc. Now I am considering leg warmers or fingerless gloves to go with the cowl. This one I am for sure keeping myself.

Oh, and I have been working on the Babette, which is not as nice as I hoped, and also the rose pillow. I am also thinking of doing some Plarn. I have cut up several bags for the project. Not sure what I will make, something small I am sure.

Ghost, OUT!

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