Thursday, March 22, 2012


Both hubby and I have been in hospital, hubby still there. We have colds or so we thought.
I am home now and crocheting very slowly. I have made several more washcloths and started some placemats using up the cotton I have on hand. I have made a lot now and these are just extras. did not take any pictures to share.

Ghost, OUT!


Sandie said...

So sorry to hear you and your husband have been hospitalized! Was it pneumonia? Sometimes it starts as a cold. I hope you're feeling better and your hubby is home with you soon. Will be thinking of you!

June said...

Praying for you and your husband. Hope you both feel better soon!

Susan said...

Lots of sickness going around !
At least you can still crochet !
I need to get my hook out of storage and get busy !

Sandy said...

Sorry to hear you've both been ill. I sure hope you're both home and feeling better. Keeping you in my thoughts.

Visiting bloggers who've donated today, who's locations still haven't been updated on Bridge and Beyond. Looked for your profile here, but don't see one. What state are you from? Please pop over and leave a comment on Bridge and Beyond and let us know.

Yarny Days said...

I hope both of you are well now...

Magia da Inês said...

°º✿ Olá, amiga!


°º✿ Beijinhos.
º° ✿ ✿ Brasil

Sandy said...

Swinging back in to see how you and hubby are doing, hoping both of you are 200% better. Was also noticing I don't have a state by your name. Memory makes me say Michigan, but I also remembering you moved?

Swing by to let us know how you and yours are doing. Think of you often

Nezumi said...

Hope you have both recovered and are feeling better now :)

kath gold said...

Dear Ghost i am soooo sorry❤❤
to learn that so much has happened
:-( I am terrible at checking blogs, even my own. I promise myself to get better but my hand is slow & it taaaakkess me soo long before long 2 hrs has passed doing the most simple task.
You are in my thought often & prayers always. {{Big hugs}}