Friday, April 19, 2013

Todays News

I am not working today, but I have plans of things I need to do. I need to go to pharmacy and get scripts for hubby and I, I need to call Waste Management, and Comcast to see about getting my mailing address back. I also hope to finish up some crochet projects I have setting around. I have several things in the works. There are the three doilies, elephant afghan, some squares that are hanging around, a pillow and one last thing that I can think of right now which is the tiny granny daughter squares afghan I started from the left over yarns that my friend June sent me.

Some of the items that I have finished lately and not posted a picture for are as follows; lots of washcloths and dish towels, a hot mitt, scarf and hat set for a birthday boy, another hat and scarf that are not a set, I made two placemats, two ponytail hats, and two sets of fingerless gloves. I finally finished off the Doctor Who Scarf I was knitting. But I did not complete it as I desired by the pattern I chose, I short changed it to get it off the needles. It had been laying around a long time. And last but not least is one Salmon colored doily.

The final thing I want to talk about today are the things I no longer do. They are as follows: I no longer have Netflix, I have been abandoned by my sister and Donna; they do not contact me at all, I no longer study the Bible daily although I still believe in Jehovah, I don't take naps, bite my nails or stay at home daily.

Ghost, OUT!

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