Thursday, February 5, 2009

Busy Hooks

Here is a picture of some of the 8" squares I am making. I am using and "I" hook and acrylic yarns again in primary colors with variegated centers. I need to make 20 but I keep getting side tracked. I usually get my squares done a lot faster than I have with these. Still trying to finish up some other projects and have started a couple of new, unexpected projects for my hook. Want to finish all before I got to California. Hope I make it. I am using the pattern found in 200 Crochet Blocks for Blankets, Throws and Afghans by Jean Eaton. This pattern is block name Wisteria on page 87.

This is one of the slipper patterns I have tried. Because I used a small hook and lighter weight yarn these came out more the size of booties. I used the pattern called Tweed Family Slippers. The pattern is written for many sizes and goes really fast. I used Wiggles yarn and an 'I' hook. These will go to Pine Ridge Reservation.

This hat is for Karen, my nurse who handles my infusion treatments. I will be making a matching scarf to go with it. It is made with Red Heart Baby Clouds yarn in Pink Lemonade. I used a "K" hook and the Durango Hat pattern found at Yarn Cats blog. Now I used her pattern for stitch counts but did not follow her pattern to the letter. I did a number more rows then called for and many more decreases than she requested. I also used a larger hook and bulky weight yarn so it came out totally different. I do like it however as you can wear it several different ways. See photos below. This is a view from the back. I did add buttons to the left hand side but they are off set from each other in a V pattern rather than straight across.

Another view of it worn to the side but pulled more to the front. Of course there are other varieties of ways to wear this hat. It is all a matter of what pleases your eye.

In this view you can see the hat is worn pulled straight back from the forehead.

And finally, this is a front view with the hat pulled to the right side.

I am over half done with the Wheelchair Shawl and working on some ornamentation for it. And I only have the bottom trim and collar to add to the Poncho. So I am working, once again, on several projects at a time.


June said...

Oh, I love it all; the hat, slippers and the squares!! Everything you make is fabulous!

Cherri said...

The squares and slippers are great! That hat is so beautiful! I've made the Durango Hat but never thought of doing anything else with it. I guess it pays to have an imagination! LOL! Great job!
Hugs, Cherri

Bunny said...

Great job on everything. I've seen that yarn before but, never bought it. I thought I would have a problem crocheting with it. Like Homespun. It felt very soft.


The squares came out great! I have always wanted to try slippers, I have a pattern in a Leisure Arts booklet I may try. Nice job!

Sandy said...

I love the hat! Saved link to the pattern, but yours looks much nicer than the one in the pattern. I love the flop to it, it's similar to ones I've made my daughter.

Pretty bright colored squares too, lady.

Updates on the bridge, need everyone to read, thanks

Scarlet said...

Absolutely beautiful. I love the hat especially. *giggle* and Thelma is so beautiful, she's a keeper.

You do lovely work sis and I am so proud of you. You make me smile BIG!!!

Wendy said...

Oh I just love the first I thought you had ventured into the felting world...the back photo looked felted,...of course I do not have my glasses on right now, so I do not see totally well....finding that even with my glasses on that I have trouble seeing, am hoping it is not due to the pressure in my eyes, really need to get back to the eye doctor..
HUGS (hope you are enjoying the warm up, I sure am)