Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A New Award!

Sandy from Sandy's Space --Stories, Stitches, and sometimes Silliness! has given me my second ever award for blogging. I would like to thank her very much for selecting me as a blogger to receive this award. I am truly grateful. It is such fun to get these awards and I really like the looks of this one.

Now, I in turn have to select five other bloggers to receive it from me. I will be visiting your blogs and selecting my choices in the next few days.

If I leave you a note saying that I am giving you this award then you can come back here and save this award to your own hard drive. Then post it to your blog with a link back to my blog. After that you can create a post with your selections of five bloggers and that is all there is to it.

My choices are as follows...
  • Scarlet's Yarn Barn

  • Because she is so creative and talent abounds in her crochet work and she is a caring person in word and deed.

  • Shespinswool

  • Because she is a very unique and special friend that I enjoy having the friendship of, and because she is multitalented.

  • This and That

  • Because she creates patterns of Amigurumi that I just adore and wish I had as much creativity.

  • Bunny's Blog

  • Because I love to see all the sweet baby things she makes and because I feel we have so very much in common.

  • Crafty Coral

  • Because over the years we have become very close friends and in the beginning she helped me out with many things and encouraged me in ways she will never know.

    These were difficult decisions and there were at least five more I wanted to give away. I do so much enjoy all the blogs I visit or why would I keep going back. you of course do not have to post links for each person you awarded, this was just my choice.

    For those of you I selected, I hope you all enjoy your new treasure. For those that did not receive one this time, you may get one next time or maybe one of those that I chose will choose you.

    Today the lids of my eyes are so puffed I almost can't see out of them. But I am finding much comfort in my friends and all their kind and loving words. Most people when they stress over a loss like I was yesterday they don't eat. I am the total opposite. I find comfort in food.

    It was funny because the Blogspot thing for yesterday was...What Comfort Food Are You? Well, I am a Potato Chip. And this is what it says...

    When you're stressed out, you seek food that is quick and easy. Life is pretty overwhelming at times, so you prefer comfort food that you can just grab and eat. You're the type of person who takes on too much, and you don't have a lot of free time. So even when you have junk food as a meal, you're just thankful that you had any time to eat at all.

    The funny part of this is that I am always eating Potato Chips, but yesterday I did not have any!


    Bunny said...

    Congratulations on the award Ghost. You are so deserving with everything that you do and just as the award says, you blog IS FABULOUS. I always enjoy looking at all of the different things you make.
    Thank you for giving me the award. I will get it in a little bit.
    You're a sweety.

    June said...

    Thank you so much for passing the award on to me. I am very much appreciative, I just won't be passing it on to others. Love you!

    Wendy said...

    Doesn't it always work that way, when you really want something and need it, it is not there....I love chocolate, and buy it to have when I need it, but seems that when that time comes all the chocolate is gone, due to the other 3 occupants of the house.....I am happy to hear that you are doing better today...and love the picture you osted of Houdini, on the side bar...

    Big Hugs

    Crochet Princess Beth said...

    Congrats on your award too! It looks marvelous...oops..fabulous! Bunches of hugs!!! Beth

    Sandie said...

    Thank you so much for passing this award on to me. I am not surprised that you received it - I always enjoy your blog. You are so creative and so giving. I treasure your friendship.
    congratulations to the other award winners as well!

    Scarlet said...

    Thank you so much for the award sis. I could think of many others that are more deserving than me. :) I will do my post this weekend and award my picks as well.

    Thank you again for this wonderful award and I also congratulate all the other winners.