Thursday, February 26, 2009

Herringbone Crochet Washcloth

Here is a picture of the washcloth I made from the movie project sis and I did yesterday for Donna. This was to help her learn how to do a stitch she was unfamiliar with. It is actually an afghan and you can find the pattern Here.

I was not interested in making the entire afghan so did a swatch and rather than call the work a waste I made it a washcloth. I used Peaches and Cream Cotton in two colors and a "J" hook for the project.

As I worked sis filmed it and you can find the two parts at these links. Part 1 And Part 2. The films are not perfect but I do believe they get the point across and I am still waiting to hear from Donna, as to whether it helped or not.


Bunny said...

I watched both videos and they were very well done. Great explanations.

Sandie said...

Great videos! I have never worked this stitch and I am a visual learner so this is great. Thanks for sharing.