Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lots To Share

This was a two day project that I finished yesterday. It is the Pineapple Rose Doily from an Annie's Attic book that was purchased a while back and given to sis as a gift. It is made with #10 thread and a size 7 steel crochet hook. I love the look of it and enjoyed learning to do it but like sis I will not make another. It was just too many parts.

In my Crafting for a Cause group, they are working on a Lenten project where we make something each day for the 40 days of Lent. I made 20 Saltines and 20 Yo-Yo's. This is just a sampling of the finish product. Today I am working on making more but not sure how many I will get done.

Yesterday while sis was out running some errands I decided I needed an eyeglass case.
So I whipped up two, one for sis in green and one for myself in blue. They were fast and I just worked in the back stitch for 15 stitches in sc. I used scrap yarns. And the pattern just came out of my head.

As of yesterday this was my progress on the Dr. Who Scarf. But now I have added the 14 rows of brown and 3 rows of the 10 yellow required rows. I am working the Season 16 pattern and trying to stay close to the right colors. It is slow going but it is a side project.

So, that was my days work yesterday. Today Sis and I made a movie and will be posting it to UTube. I will give more information on that the next time. Along with some pictures I made of the stitch I was showing. The film clip was made for my friend Donna, to show her how to do the Herringbone stitch found in the Bernat Herringbone Afghan. I just made a washcloth with the swatch I made for the demo. That's it for today. I will be working on a new doily today and of course more saltines and yo-yo's.

I will be watching some Hells Kitchen and American Idol tonight. I am not sure I like how they are doing Idol this year and I think that Ramsey is off the wall this year with his anger. I sure can understand why he don't let his kids watch this show. Is it really all just for entertainment or is it really an outlet for him? Guess we will never know for sure.


Wendy said...

I love the doily..I love to make them but my hands do not like the small hook and thread...BUT once in a while I do one. I am making washcloths for the Bev's Charity Challenge Lenten challenge. I have 12 done. and that was just in one day, so that gives me some repreive so that I can finish this scarf and then finish the stole.
I have to have the stole done by March 16th, I entered it is a contest and if I get it done by then, then I get 4 more entries....
Hope you are enjoying your time with Scarlet..
Big Hugs

Bunny said...

Beautiful job on the doily and everything you do. Great idea about the glass case. My glasses aren't off my face long enough to put them in one. lol


The doily is beautiful! You did a wonderful job on that one.

Susan said...

crochet saltines? that is a new
one- have not ever heard of crochet saltines-i always learn something new from your blog!

Anonymous said...

I love your pineapple doily thingy. I forget the name now lol. You do indeed come up with some nifty stuff. I wish i was a productive as you!