Monday, March 23, 2009

Ba Bye To The Froggy Blanket

I am sorry to say that I have frogged the Stone Cavern Froggy Hideout Blanket for the last time. I frogged it back to nothing this time. I found it was not looking right to me and was very boring to do so I decided it was not worth wasting my time on any longer it was hindering my progress of all my other items. The thing with this blanket is that I must have some type of offering for this month for a promise I made. So I started this new one using the same colors of yarn.
As you can seen this one is squares, something I love to do. There are only five rounds per square and I hope to be able to catch up. This is only a rendering of what I did yesterday.

So here are the details. I am using an "H" hook, and the Simply Soft Brights and also the white that I would of used as a border on the other blanket. The pattern comes from Leisure Arts Leaflet #64, called Baby Afghans to Knit and Crochet. It was published in 1976 and is one I purchased used from my friend Sandie at Crafty Corral. It contains 3 crocheted afghans and 1 knit. I am making Buttercup Squares and I will only make it blanket size.

I am not sure you can find this pattern on the Internet for free but it is available to purchase. I have not looked yet. This will be my main focus for the next week. Got to get it done and in the mail. I am way behind on this project.

I also finished my Jan. Themed dishcloth which was an Ice Skate. I used Peaches and Cream Cotton and a size 2 knitting needles. That was too small but I wanted the skate to stand out more. I don't think it worked as well as I had hoped it would. The pattern is one I got from my KAL group.

Here is the Windmill Dishcloth finished. I used size 6 knitting needles and Peaches and Cream cotton. This was the Mid-Month pattern at my KAL group. I wish I had used smaller needles, it called for size 7 but I think this pattern could also be done as a doily with cotton thread. I would make this one again.

That's it today. Ghost, OUT!


Sandie said...

Love that windmill and I can see the skate in the dishcloth. I have had projects I've decided to frog as well. Like you say, it gets to the point it's no use holding on to them if you won't enjoy working on it. Glad you're enjoying the leaflet.

Cherri said...

Your dishcloths are just beautiful. I'm going to have to try to knit some. I don't blame you frogging your project. There's nothing worse than making something that you're not happy with. Glad you're doing something more fun. :)
Hugs, Cherri

Bunny said...

Isn't that the pits when you work on something that long and try and make it work and it just doesn't? I'm sure you will be hapier with the end results of the new blanket and I'm sure it will go quicker. You'll catch up in no time.
I love the windmill. It came out so pretty. Knit you say? Hmmm..the skate stands out just fine. Very nice!

Scarlet said...

Love the wash cloths sis. That windmill one is so beautiful. Great job.

The new afghan is going to be beautiful.