Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Special Gift

Well, here is something I forgot to mention while I was in California with sis. We were so busy crocheting that something slipped through the cracks. If you remember a while back I told you about this great set of hooks sis had gotten for me with the flower handles. Well, this is a set that sis gave me while I was there. These are packaged nicely in this pretty green case. Also you will see one of the pom pom makers sis gave me. This is a perfect size for baby hats. I have not had the chance to use it since I have been home but I will.

This photo shows the set of Steel crochet hooks inside. And a few extras that I had. I think if not for my sister and her generosity my tools would be truly lacking. I thought she was giving me these because when we went shopping I was looking for a set. But she has a Clover set that she loves. She loves Clover hooks the best, the ones with the soft touch handles. Thanks sis once again.

Finally, today this is a photo of the knit dishcloth we are making for our mid month project at my KAL dishcloth group. We make two a month, one is themed and one is not. I am still trying to catch up with what ones they have made this year and I am working on another that is almost finished. Hopefully, I can post about it tomorrow and also give you a progress report on the froggy blanket which won't be much of a report.

That's it for today. Ghost, OUT!

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Wendy said...

I started the cloth, but put it down, I was thinking it would be a round cloth, by the way we were doing it...Maybe I will have to catch up....