Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cabled Baby Blanket

I finally figured out how to read this pattern I was using for the "Stone Cavern Hideout" Cabled Baby Blanket I was attempting to do. It feels good. But it also makes me feel stupid since I was doing it correctly the very time, after frogging about seven times, that I tried it. My mind just would not accept the fact that they wanted me to do five FPDC on one HDC post. It just seemed so cramped. But that is exactly what they wanted and I was just too dumb to believe them. Anyway, I will spend the rest of today working on this blanket and getting it started on the runway. I will give you a progress report and pictures tomorrow.

Yesterday was a kind of off day for me. Seems I stayed busy all day, except for my four hour nap, but did not accomplish much. I did finish my hat and 6" squares. The squares are packed and ready to go in tomorrows mail.

This is the hat I made for the Bridge Project. As I stated I used an H hook and some scrap yarn I thought was Red Heart Super Saver in black. It is a bit coarse and feels like the Red Heart but I could be wrong. I then trimmed it in Red Heart Super Saver in Sunshine Print color. This yarn was donated to me by June over at She Spins Wool. A while back she donated about 8 skeins of this yarn to me and I am saving it for a cape or shawl for my Adoptee person. But I used just a tad for the trim on this hat to brighten it up just a bit. The hat can be worn with the brim up or down and is large enough for a mans head, even though Teddy is the model in this case and the brim is folded up in this picture. It was too big for Maxie.

I also finished up this secret square project. It was fast as I only had to do four squares. I used the cluster corner granny stitch, there is no pattern available for this as I just worked it from memory. I used an H hook on this one also and Starlet yarn in a blue that was given to me by sis over at Scarlet's Yarn Barn. She knows I love this yarn, for me it is so soft. She does not like it because it is too light weight for her taste. I used very little, less than half a skein, of it to get these squares done but they are 6" and it is a shared project.

That's it for today. Ghost, OUT!


Wendy said...

Thank you very much for the continued thoughts and prayers...I just love the hat on the bear...too cute...
I am finishing up the comfortghan I am making and it should be going in the mail tomorrow, along with the square (6") I made...and then I am waiting on word about sending some cotton fleece to a friend for her to make her mom some Chemo caps. We are all feeling much better today, it was a good thing to just take it easy yesterday and give ourselves some recovery time.
I will be doing the same for today.
Take care and enjoy the nice weather.

Bunny said...

You aren't dumb Ghost. Whose to say the pattern couldn't have been wrong. Many have been you know. Now that you are on track I'll bet it'll be beautiful when it's done.
I made some Granny Squares over the weekend and measured it out to be 6". Wonderful! Not! They ended up to be 5 1/4" or something. I have to go and put a sc around each one to make it 6". Talk about being dumb! lol

Cherri said...

Glad you figured out the pattern! I've done the same thing and torn stuff out a kajillion times only to realize that I was doing it right in the first place. :( You're not alone! LOL!
Cute hat and nice squares, too!
Hugs, Cherri