Saturday, March 14, 2009

Further Progress and More Starts

I started a hat for the Bridge Project using scrap yarn once again. This feels like Red Heart in Black and I am using an "H" hook. It is over half done since this photo was taken. I am using the Dorothy's Hat Pattern which I found the link for at Crafty Corral. Thanks Sandie, this is a nice easy pattern that I will use again.

Started this one yesterday also. It is a scarf for Compassionate Creations. The pattern is from Coats and Clark calledCrocheted Mile-a-Minute Scarf. I am using some yarn my sister gave me called Bernat Denimstyle and the color is Faded Khaki. The hook is an "I". There are only five rounds and it is going quickly.

I did not make any progress on the Cable Blanket yesterday and my day was kind of hectic. I felt really frazzled and it was not the kind of day you want to spend trying to figure something out. I did work on the 12" squares though and got one more of those done. I bagged all my packages and got them addressed and ready to go later today. I also hung up some more clothes that I found hangers for, I had to rob Peter to pay Paul to do it though. LOL!

This photo is three Amazing Star squares I started on Thursday. It is only the first round and they are worked from the outside in. I used scrap yarns to start these also and will mix the three colors as I work and add others if I have too. I am using an "H" hook for this project and hope to assemble these into a throw for charity. The pattern can be found in the book, Amazing Star Afghans by JAO Enterprises, Inc.

Here is the progress I have made on my Brocade doily. Using a #7 hook and #3 thread. The pattern is called Brocade and comes from Coats and Clarks Book #197. I am working this one for a Jan. CAL at my Celts Group.

Finally, I started a dishcloth for the pattern of the month in my KAL Dishcloth group. This one will have a picture of an Ice Skate on it when it is finished. I am using a size 2 knitting needles and Peaches and Cream cotton for this item.

That's it for me today. Ghost, OUT!


Wendy said...

You sure have been busy as always...Love all the projects. I just finished a Rolled Brim Hat...I put it on Ravelry but will have to wait til morning to put it on Etsy...TOOooo tired now...
Hope you had a wonderful day..

Scarlet said...

Wow sis, you sure are a busy bee. I do want to work on those slippers with you. Maybe we can get together this weekend.

Love you,

Sandie said...

All I can say is WOW. You must have jumped from the plane to your crochet chair! You've accomplished so much. I am tired just looking at all you've done. And jealous too. I need to go sit myself down and work! LOL Beautiful things, as you always do.

Cherri said...

I don't know how you can work on so many things at once! Do you time yourself on each project? LOL! Everything looks great! You are amazing!
Hugs, Cherri